Junior Open – Wednesday 28th July

Results from our Junior Open:   1st Gross – William Moore 80 – 10 = 70 1st Nett – Will Parkes 88 – 17 = 71 2nd Nett – Harry Bryce 94 – 21 = 73 3rd Nett – Samuel Cleland 86 – 11 = 75

Open Am Am – Sunday 25th July

south staffordshire golf club hole 18

The first group tee-off in the South Staffordshire Golf Club Open Am Am.https://southstaffordshiregolfclub.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/joined_video_f29229e4196844a888f1b86f358869fb.mp4 Open Am Am Results  1st. A. Green, S. Green, S. Chester and A. Carter with 91 points £100 voucher each2nd. G. Brown, J. Showell, P. Beswick, T. Worley with 90 points £75 voucher each3rd. M. Bartlett, K. Aston, P. Snape, P. Williams […]

Presidents Day – Saturday 24th July

Presidents Day Results 1st. Andy Sutton, Terry Barratt, John Hughes and Mark Chapman with 102 points £40 credit each to your shop account 2nd. David Elvidge, Rob Minors, Robin Beach and Trevor Lockwood with 94 points £30 credit each to your shop account 3rd. Nick Phillips, Martyn Hopkins, Steve Hickman and Ian Brailsford with 93 […]

South Staffordshire Golf Club – Scratch Championship 2021

south staffordshire golf club hole 1

The first groups tee off in the Scratch Championship. Good luck to all participants, we hope you have an enjoyable day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81iPE1zozXchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrKlTxpECjs Results Congratulations to Tom Hewitt Jnr after winning the Scratch Championship by 4 shots on a 144 total, presented by our Men’s Captain Guy Cheema. Commiserations to first round leader and runner up […]

Sunday 20th June Mixed Open Fourball Betterball

1st. M. Sparrow and B. Sparrow with 46 points – £75 voucher each 2nd. E. Allan and M. Storey with 42 points (BB9 21) – £50 voucher each 3rd. J. Leech and M. Dimmack with 42 points – £25 voucher each   Thank you to everyone who took part

Seniors Open Am Am Results – Wednesday 3rd June

south staffordshire golf club hole 11

Prize Competitors Score 1st P.SNAPE, P.WILLIAMS, K.ASTON, M.BARTLETT 94 points 2nd S.ROSENBURGH, N.BAWA, L.MALL, D.ELVIDGE 92 points 3rd G.MATTHEWS, M.JONES, J.WOODWARD, B.HUGHES 89 points 4th N.PATCH, M.PARKIN, M.PETKOVIC, D.NORMAN 87 points 5th J.HANLEY, D.COPPACK, D.NICHOLS, S.SMITH 87 points download full results sheet

Open Am Am Results – Sunday 23rd May

south staffordshire golf club hole 17

Prize Competitors Score Vouchers 1st A.JONES, D.COTTERILL, C.McNAUGHTON, D.DORNAN 94 points £100 each 2nd S.CHESTER, A.CARTER, L.CAMERON, A.GREEN 85 points – B9 43 £75 each 3rd P.TONGUE, R.HARDWICK, J.BUSTIN, K.BRAYING 84 points – B9 44 £50 each 4th S.CHARLTON, A.THOMES, A.CHAPMAN, P.WILLIAMS 84 points – B9 41 £40 each 5th C.NICHOLLS, J.BURKE, J.SKELLAM, D.NICHOLLS 83 […]